Monday, April 15, 2013

Key Lime Pie a la Emeril Lagassi

This tangy and uber-sweet concoction is sure to make your mouth water. I could hardly control myself while digging into this pie. By the end of the night there was not a single delicious morsel left!

I can't claim this one for myself, so here is the recipe I used to guide my pie-cooking experience:

Picture of Key Lime Pie Recipe

Here is an interesting fact: acidity in a dish is what makes your mouth water. Literally. After having a piece of this pie, I was drooling like a toddler! I was afraid that the sweetness would be overwhelming, but the sour cream topping brought a wonderful balance to the dish. The crunchiness of the graham-cracker crust created a flavor dichotomy with the limey filling that was perfectly complimentary.

If I do it if over again, I would do one of two things differently (maybe both): I would either add another egg to the filling or I would chill at a lower temperature for longer. While the pie was delicious, it did not set as well as I would have preferred (thus why there are no pictures. Well, that and it was gone before I could get my camera out!). If you make it before I do, tell me about your success!